Massage Therapy

Massage offers health benefits from stress relief to muscle rehabilitation.

Double Massage
  • Our exclusive Double Massage room provides an opportunity to enjoy a massage with a friend or loved one
  • Any massage can be matched, but they must have the same time
Tranquil Massage 75 Mins - $92
  • Our signature massage starts with a full body aromatherapy massage using special oils and moist heat
  • We then perform a modified reflexology on the feet
  • A hot lava mud treatment is applied to reduce stress and invigorate tired hands and feet
  • The ultimate in a relaxing full body massage experience
Relaxation Massage 50 Mins - $62; 90 Mins - $102
  • A gentle massage that applies pressure using long relaxing strokes
  • This technique has been recommended to increase circulation while cleansing the body of toxins
  • This service does not use oils or hot towels
Aromatherapy Massage 50 Mins - $67; 90 Mins - $107
  • This massage employs the ancient art of applying essential oils of flowers and herbs (client's choice) to the body for their healing and soothing properties
  • The massage technique consists of light, relaxing strokes over the whole body
  • This relaxing treatment increases energy, reduces muscle soreness, and restores balance to mind, body, and soul
Therapeutic / Deep Tissue Massage 50 Mins - $77; 90 Mins - $117
  • This massage is performed with the objective to provide treatment for a specific condition or area that has chronic soreness or pain
  • The technique utilizes pressure, firm strokes, stretching, and trigger points to manipulate the deep muscles, remove lactic acid, and ease soreness
  • Deep tissue is not recommended for a clients first massage as it can cause soreness and isn't necessarily relaxing
  • A great massage for those with tight and sore muscles
Reflexology Massage 45 Mins - $52
  • A unique technique that applies pressure to reflex areas on the hands and feet
  • These pressure points connect to glands and organs throughout the body
  • The treatment relieves stress and improves circulation
Seated Neck Massage 15 Mins - $22
  • This popular massage relieves stress in the shoulders, neck, and hands
  • A great way to relax between hair and chemical treatments
Pregnancy Massage 50 Mins - $62
  • Reduce stress and relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints
  • Reduce swelling by improving circulation
  • Enhances the pliability of skin and underlying tissues
  • Must be at least in the second trimester
Massage Room
Massage Room